There can be few people who have heard of Route 66. This iconic road has been in use since the 1920’s and although it was initially built as way of connecting Chicago and Los Angeles (passing through eight states on the way) it subsequently found its fame in films like Easy Rider and Thelma and Louise.

If you are considering taking a Route 66 road trip you will need to put aside at least three weeks to complete it in its entirety. Whether you choose to complete the route in an RV or whether you prefer to stay at some of the historic motels that have been there since its infancy, you will not fail to be mesmerized by its beauty.

For the best experience for your Route 66 road trip the best time to travel is late spring to early summer. The weather is much more bearable at this time. You should avoid full summer as temperatures can increase to an uncomfortable 100 degrees.

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