Backpacking became more of a hobby for a lot of people. This nomadic lifestyle becomes even better if you focus mostly on Europe. European backpacking presents itself with a lot of advantages and things to look forward to that you will not find on any other continent.


One of the main reasons why people love European backpacking is the cultural diversity. Having a large number of cultures spread across tends of countries means more to explore. This becomes even more appealing due to the high population density in Europe. It does not take all that much time to get from one country to another. These cultural differences are very easy to spot. You can take a short trip with a train from one country to another and in just a couple of hours, you can experience two extremely different cultures that are reflected in architecture, historical monuments, and natural landscapes.


Another valid reason why Europe is a great destination for backpackers is its low costs. You can travel with a backpack and very little money in your pocket and visit most of Europe at the same time. You can eat at a restaurant for less than $10 and you can find hostels in all major cities. Transportation is also cheap in Europe which is why you see a lot of people that plan a European backpacking trip use trains. They are cheap and they can get you fast wherever you need.


Lastly, people in Europe are considered very friendly. There is little crime in most capital cities and overall, European backpacking tourists feel safe and welcome wherever they go. Since backpacking brought more tourists to Europe, locals started adapting to accommodate such visitors. Affordable accommodation, free tours, and public events are common in Europe. Locals enjoy seeing backpackers of different cultures visiting and experiencing what their country has to offer.

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