For most travelers, particularly for newbies, traveling means a set itinerary and an all-out planned arrangement from leaving one’s home to the time of going back. This is, of course, well and good especially when the travel time is limited.

But wouldn’t it be great to have a loose itinerary, regardless of the time limit? A so-called no plans travel can prove to be very exciting, allows more learning, and could provide a path to better, new experiences.

A spontaneous or no plans travel doesn’t really mean no plan at all. It could be that you plan your first few days or decide the general direction you will take. From there, let the flow take you where you want to go next. Maybe you will meet someone you know and decide to go somewhere together or meet a new friend then decide to stay longer at their place.

These instances may not be enjoyed and experienced if you stick to a set plan of the itinerary. You could be missing something special. So, on your next trip, try to have a looser and changeable plan.

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